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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Capitol Reef National Park March 2006

Bob and Jonathan, along with Jonathan's classmate Gui and his father Joe, camped in Capitol Reef National Park for 5 nights. The itinerary:

Day 1. Arrived in early afternoon, hiked the Chimney Rock loop. Cold and windy.

Day 2. Hiked the Cohab-Grand Wash trails. Cloudy, cold, windy.

Day 3. Hiked the Navajo Knobs trail in wind and light rain. Intermittent heavy rain at night.

Day 4. Breakfast in the mud. Drove down the Notom-Bullfrog road intending to hike the upper Muley Twist loop. Encountered impassable (even in 4WD) mud just south of the Cedar Mesa campground. Started the hike there up into the Waterpocket Fold. Turned back by heavy rain becoming mixed with and changing to snow. Found the road north out of Cedar Mesa apparently impassable. The 4Runner slid backward sideways. Eventually found minimal traction and inched our way up the incline to safety. Back to headquarters and down the Scenic Road to hike the Golden Throne trail. More rain and some interesting hail.

Day 5. Storm passed; excellent weather. Took our best and longest (14 miles) hike, up Spring Canyon.

Day 6. Gloomy cold weather. Hiked to Hickman Bridge on the trail and then ascended the side of the bridge, class III+. Short hikes at the Goosenecks. Drove home at lunchtime.

The team: Gui, Jonathan, Bob, and Joe